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Carrie Grosvenor

Jane Lynch Talks Hollywood Game Night

By July 2, 2013

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NBC's newest game show Hollywood Game Night will premiere next week, and its host Jane Lynch was available for questions from the press today during a conference call. While she didn't give away much about specifics of the game, she did offer up just enough to make us even more excited to tune in. While we've seen a variety of celebrity based game shows over the past few years, this one promises to be a little different. Here are some of the things Lynch shared about the show.

If you've not heard much about the show yet, it was conceived by Sean Hayes who holds regular game nights at his own home. One night over dinner Hayes mentioned to Jane Lynch that the show had been picked up by NBC, and her immediate response was, "Can I host it?" Of course we all know how that turned out! Lynch herself loves game nights, and describes herself as very competitive. She said that it was lucky for everyone involved that she was hosting rather than playing for this reason.

Many of the games were invented specifically for Hayes' game nights and for the show, including a take-off on Name That Tune in which players sing a song using only the word "do" and the other have to guess it. Another game is called Magazine Covers, which uses, well, magazine covers as props. Players have to put the covers in chronological order, or name the objects or people shown. Or they may be challenged to name candy bars after being shown photos of a cross-section of each bar. These are simple games based completely on pop culture, meant to be challenging but also really fun. The final game for each show is Celebrity, which is Lynch's favorite.

When asked about her most memorable moments on the show, Lynch said that there were many. A few that stood out included Dax Shepard calling on the judges (as if they exist), Martin Short falling off the couch every time the music started up, and Amy Poehler and Fred Armisen getting a little tipsy. Speaking of Armisen, Lynch noted that he was very low-key during the game, but he's quick and really smart so we should keep our eye on him.

Over all it sounds like it'll be entertaining both for the actual games and for the interaction between celebrities and civilian players. Civilian contestants stand to win prizes of course, but I would imagine that the experience itself would be even more worthwhile. Hollywood Game Night premieres July 11th at 10pm Eastern on NBC.


August 5, 2013 at 1:50 pm
(1) Andi says:

I love Hollywood Game night. It gives us a chance to see celebrities in unscripted moments. The games are fun to play along with and the atmosphere of the show reminds me of “Win, Lose or Draw”. A party atmosphere. Wish I could be on it.

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