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Carrie Grosvenor

BB13: When Fandom Goes Way Too Far

By August 30, 2011

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Since 2000, Big Brother has drawn in a lot of obsessive fans. It's likely due to the 24/7 availability of the houseguests, because those viewers who have the time and the inclination can watch the live feeds any time they want to. The problem with this though is that some folks get so invested in the game and their favorite players that they go a little berserk when their faves get evicted.

This happened way back in Season 6, when "fans" got together on a few message boards and posted home addresses, telephone numbers, and work information about winner Maggie Ausburn, encouraging each other to try to get her fired from her job and harass her at home. Admittedly Maggie was irritating to watch and her little group of friends said some horrendous things, but no one deserves that kind of attention for playing a game on television.

Once again a Big Brother contestant is facing the wrath of certain viewers who seem to have lost touch with reality. Shelly Moore turned on her alliance with Jeff and Jordan, campaigning to keep Daniele in the house and then casting a vote to evict Jeff during the live double-eviction episode last week. To Shelly, this was smart game play - Jeff and Jordan were well on their way to the end, and they did need to be split up if anyone else was to have a shot at winning the game. To some fans, who love Jeff and Jordan, this was the ultimate betrayal.

Shelly, who is still in the house and therefore oblivious to what's happening in the real world, has become the subject of death threats and more. Her personal contact information has been posted in a variety of places, and people are encouraging others to not only contact her family and tell them how they feel about Shelly's actions, but there are some people advocating an effort to have her daughter taken away from her because they feel she's an unfit mother. You can see some of these posts as well as a description of exactly what's been happening over at YakkityYaks.com. It's truly disgusting.

Of course not all dedicated fans of the show (or of Jeff and Jordan) are reacting this way - it's a small but very vocal minority who are doing this. Still, I can't imagine how Shelly's family and employer are dealing with all of this. No matter how much a houseguest is adored or hated on the show, there is no excuse for this kind of behaviour. No eight-year-old girl should have to suffer any kind of trauma because a bunch of crazies think her mother made a bad move in a televised game. TMZ has reported that Shelly's family is getting the FBI involved - whether or not that's true, something needs to be done about this type of behaviour.

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September 21, 2013 at 7:20 pm
(1) Leon says:

Maggie Ausburn admitted on the live feeds to watching patients die if she didn’t like them. She was a disgusting sociopath who deserved to be fired (she was, by the way).

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