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Carrie Grosvenor

The Price is Right Has a New Announcer

By April 18, 2011

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Rumors have been going around for weeks, but now we've got confirmation: George Gray is the new permanent announcer for The Price is Right. The news was officially announced (no pun intended) on the show today.

Gray has hosted a few game shows, including Extreme Gong, Junkyard Wars, and the syndicated version of The Weakest Link. He also hosted one of my favorite cheesy reality shows, The $25 Million Dollar Hoax.

The Price is Right has been auditioning announcers for the past several months, since former announcer Rich Fields was let go last summer. Other potentials included Improv-A-Ganza cast members Jeff Davis and Brad Sherwood, JD Roberto, and my personal favorite, David H. Lawrence XVII.

George Gray was terrific in his auditions, so I'm very happy to see him get the permanent spot. Our congratulations go out to him, along with hopes that he'll be behind the Price is Right podium for many years to come.

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April 18, 2011 at 5:01 pm
(1) Mark Surdam says:

He would have been my choice! I never really liked Rich Fields!

April 19, 2011 at 2:20 pm
(2) Mark Baker-Wright says:

For next year’s April Fool’s episode, I want to hear him say:

“Mimi Bobeck, you ARE the Weakest Link! Goodbye!”

April 19, 2011 at 3:12 pm
(3) andrew b says:

I’m sure many people prefer George, but an equal amount of people likely prefer Rich. Overall, there’s nothing that makes George such an improvement to the public at large – not just the vocal minorities that protested against Rich leaving – that made it worth sniveling through half a year of auditions and thousands of lost viewers, and especially to fire one announcer whose feelings are hurt beyond description.

Really…what have we gained from this?

April 22, 2011 at 11:52 am
(4) Myke25 says:

Carrie, I was rooting for David Lawrence, too. But George is a good choice and has the chops to potentially take over as host should Drew ever leave. TPTB continue to look to the future of TPIR…while some “LFAT” still want to live in the past.
Speaking of which…

Since, like yourself, I can only guess what the public at large is thinking, my guess is that if they watched TPIR before Rich left, most of them will still watch now that George is the guy. I liked Rich, too…but ultimately, the announcer will not make or break a show. The only candidate that really had a negative effect on the show for me was Brad Sherwood…but I still watched. So did you.

TPIR’s ratings haven’t plummeted since Rich was let go. They’ve remained pretty stable. I can see where the string of auditions may have been a distraction for some…but it hasn’t hurt the show’s numbers. And that’s all CBS will care about.

So Rich’s feelings aside…what has the show really lost from this?

April 22, 2011 at 12:49 pm
(5) andrew b says:

I actually have not been watching at all, save YouTube uploads for specific shows like April Fools…

Maybe you still watched after seeing Brad Sherwood, but other people did NOT – read the big picture. Just firing Rich Fields alone killed plenty of viewers, and maybe some will come back because of George, but others will not.

Read any news story on either Rich or George and you will find the public at large DOES care about this, and that George is not receiving any better reviews than Rich. The point remains as to what the gain was when there clearly were losses; public relations were horrific after the news broke, and it can be seen there are plenty of lost viewers. Whatever “future” of this show you choose to discuss could have been done better.

Maybe George could take over The Price is Right…so could Rich: he received quite some support as a possible replacement for Bob and, before his firing, would have been voted as a candidate for Drew’s replacement. (Rich has off-the-record statements on his current relationship with TPiR.) George can take the show in its intended new “improv” direction from Season 39…but so could Rich, and better after having been with the show seven years and alongside Drew for three of them.

All we have with George is someone assigned to bring in so-called “new and improved” abilities, roles and jobs that Rich has already proven to be equally capable or better at. When combined with the price TPTB had to pay for George, it’s absolutely a loss.

Do you think Coca-Cola was better off after undoing their New Coke campaign than they would have been if they had never started it? Would The Price is Right be better off if, for whatever reason, they decided to bring back Roger right now, than they would be if they had never canned him? Really?

April 23, 2011 at 12:16 am
(6) Wayne says:

Coca-Cola WAS better off, it was all about the company’s fiscal matters.

Put out “new” coke, everyone hates it, sales fall, stock drops from around 55 to 35. Buy back stock at bargain prices, enjoy free publicity due to fanatical outrage, roll out “classic coke”.

Classic coke was not the same product “old” coke was before “new” coke came out. Not only did they get to own more of their own company by getting those shares out of circulation, but they were able to change the recipe of coke and nobody would notice.

TPIR did the “auditions” so whoever they chose for the permanent announcer would be very distanced in the mind of the viewers from Rich Fields.

Now I don’t get to watch the show much, and I don’t record it because I just wouldn’t have the time to watch even if I did, but when I have watched, I have yet to see this “improv” element or notice any real difference other than random voices behind the mike, and none comparing to Rich, Roddy and they guy I grew up with, Johnny.

April 26, 2011 at 6:09 am
(7) HomerJay says:

No, it wouldn’t be better off with Roger. Either the show (1) ran into demographic dangerous waters because of him, in which case his leadership would at best be holding steady, and at worst be a step further back, or (2) it got there just because it’s the natural life cycle of this particular show, in which case it’s irrelevant who is in the EP chair.

In either case, “better” is not a result of his having remained as EP. Best case, they lose no more ground; worst case, they don’t make the headway they have made in the demos.

April 26, 2011 at 10:13 am
(8) andrew b says:

Better off with Roger in Season 40 than in Season 37 was the main question. The fact that every one of these incidents that have drawn the ire of fans of all types – how the perfect bid was handled and any people bashing Drew to his face about it, unfunny Drewcases that just turned people off, much of Drew’s “I don’t care” attitudes and viewers tuning out because of that, and continuous firings of models and announcers and any anger due to those – would not have happened with Roger in control is enough proof that any hypothetical Price with Roger in Season 40, even if they were to completely backpedal to Season 36, is in worse shape than a Price with Roger in Season 37. The damage that has been done is clear.

The “natural life cycle” was already in progress during Season 36: the set was getting an update, Drew was settling into his role and things were looking up. The people that cared about who the producer was were happy and those who didn’t care could still see the show was being produced well; either side could tell the transition was going off the way it should have been. Yes, the “we hate change” people hated Season 37, but do you have any idea why the same people heartily enjoyed Season 36? Obviously, they can see the difference between good and bad changes. Until someone figures that out, they won’t get anywhere in TPiR debates, and we won’t be able to solve the problems this show has now.

April 26, 2011 at 6:10 am
(9) HomerJay says:

Yes, really. It would not be better off.

April 26, 2011 at 1:04 pm
(10) Angi says:

I have been a fan of George’s since he hosted “What’s with that house” on HGTV. I was bummed when I couldn’t find him anymore. I was fixing my grandma lunch and she is a faithful watcher of TPiR. All of a sudden I heard George’s distinctive voice telling somebody to “Come on down.” I love George. I think he is an excellent choice and am more likely to watch now that he is on.

In regards to Rich vs. George, who flippin cares? The show is not about the announcer. The show is about who gets the price right and the journey to discovering that price. Some of you should pull your panties out of your crack and chill out…

May 7, 2011 at 3:00 am
(11) Rich Rodriguez says:

I am pleased with George Gray being hired as “Price’s” permanent announcer. He has already blended well into the show in his interaction with Drew, the models and the contestants. My personal choice was actually Jeff Davis, especially after the “Wizard of Oz”-themed Halloween episode, but George has won me over with his comic timing and ability to read the pulse of the audience.

I first saw George on the short-lived syndicated version of “Weakest Link” in 2002 and liked that he wasn’t as abrasive as Anne Robinson; he joked and smiled with the contestants just like he now does on “Price”. As for the back-and-forth debate on Rich Fields being let go… well, there are some viewers who are still mad as hell that Bob Barker had the audacity to retire back in 2007. You can’t please everybody.

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